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Sportful BodyFit Pro Sleeveless Base Layer Base Layers by Sportful from Wiggle Online Cycle Shop

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Sportful BodyFit Pro Sleeveless Base Layer   Base Layers
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Maximise your performance Sportful's latest baselayer has been designed with the athletes of Tinkoff Saxo to provide the perfect first layer to compliment the BodyFit Pro range they train and race in. Fit has been dialled in and it features super light breathable mesh which helps keep the riders temperature balanced even in the hottest conditions. By using a base layer in combination with your jersey you are maximising the performance features and thereby maximising your own performance too. A win-win situation. Diablo Mesh fabricImpossibly light mesh is perfect for hot days or long mountain climbs. The open structure allows ample airflow to keep you cool and dry. UPF10 protection means that 90% of damaging UV rays are filtered out, providing similar protection to a cotton t-shirt. DRYnamic mesh fabricThe ideal fabric for moving moisture away from your skin in moderate conditions. The microfiber polyester is knitted in Sportful call a "closed mesh" where there are not actually holes in the fabric but the raised parts help to lift the fabric off your skin.

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Sportful BodyFit Pro Sleeveless Base Layer Base Layers